DIY: Covered Journal

During my last home visit with my nurse, she brought me a simple silver notebook and suggested I keep a pregnancy journal. Just something to put down my thoughts about my pregnancy, and maybe anything I would want to tell my baby along the way. I love this idea, and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner!

The journal itself, however, was pretty drab. It was silver and had this logo on the front of that I wasn’t too keen of. But I couldn’t let it go to waste! Some cardstock, photo squares, and a pregnancy scrapbook sticker later, and the journal was something totally new!

I didn’t feel like doing anything super elaborate, so I didn’t use any glue and I didn’t even cover the side or back. But already it looks so much better. All I did was trace the size of the cover onto the back of some pretty cardstock I had, then cut it out. I used double-sided mounting squares to attach the paper to the front cover, one in each corner. Then I just added the sticker, and viola! Brand new journal!

I’m super excited to start writing down my personal thoughts about pregnancy. It’s something I’ll look back on in the future, when Penelope’s all grown up, and maybe even something she’ll read someday. Documenting all the special moments is really important.

– Amber


One thought on “DIY: Covered Journal

  1. I think this is a great idea. A person in my speech class last quarter did a speech on a junk journal. Where you take the pages and decorate with words, pictures, or anything that you find inspiration from. Being one who loves altered books this idea really appealed to me, and I am sure with you being an artist your journal will end up with some great pages for your baby to enjoy when he or she grows up.

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