We’re Back!


I’ve taken quite some time off from blogging in order to have my baby and focus on parenting related activities (such as breastfeeding and copious amounts of Candy Crush Saga). Penelope was born on July 21st, and the past couple months have been a crazy ride for us. We’ve recently moved back to Southern California and are living with my parents in Chino. It’s cramped, but we love being around family. I haven’t been doing much of anything, but now that we’re settling down I really want to start blogging and crafting again. I have tons of new ideas which will be great going into the Christmas season. I have tons of projects I want to work on, including making my own photo frames, making cute custom clothes for Penny, and making our closet doors look like Japanese paper doors. It’s exciting! I can’t wait to share all these projects with you.

– Amber